Repertoire of the PMO

Contemporary Works for Mandolin Ensemble: The Repertoire of the Providence Mandolin Orchestra

Date: May 22, 2015

By Mark M. Davis and Robert A. Margo

Under the direction of Mark Davis, the Providence Mandolin Orchestra has long maintained a substantial commitment to performing new music for mandolin ensemble, both pieces written for the group and those written for other ensembles. We provide here complete listings of both types of works from 1992 to the present.   By making this list available, other ensembles will learn of works that may be considered for their repertoires.   We also hope to prompt directors of other mandolin ensembles to compile similar lists, which then could be shared among ensembles.   All information reported in the listings will be updated periodically and can be considered current as of the date listed above.

The following are new works composed for and given their world premieres by the PMO.  The year of first performance by the PMO is given, as well as publication/contact/order information for obtaining scores and parts.  Please note:  the PMO cannot supply parts or scores; these must be obtained directly from the contact as provided.   There are 38 works listed.  A “*” indicates that the work has been recorded by the PMO (please see the PMO website for more information); a “^” indicates that a video performance by the PMO is available on

Works Composed for and Premiered by the Providence Mandolin Orchestra, 1992-present

*Assad, Clarice (2005), “Song for My Father,” commissioned by Robert Margo,

Ayton, Will (2001), “Neige Au Printemps,”

Ayton, Will (2001), “Voices,”

Dalton, James (2013), “Canonic Variations and Fugue on ‘Free at Last’,”

^Davis, Mark (2004), “The Cat in Springtime,”

Field, Ken (2001), “Why Not Circulate,”

Pearson, Stephen Funk (1992), “Ellasomorph,”

Hartford, Owen (2001), “Construction #1,”

*Hartford, Owen (1997), “Cornflakes 14,”

Hartford, Owen (2002), “Elegy for Jeffrey,”

*^Hartford, Owen (1994), “Family Squabble,”

Hartford, Owen (2006), “Fresh Cream,”

^Hartford, Owen (1998), “The Frog Prince,”

^Hartford, Owen (2008), “Gretel Dreaming,”

^Hartford, Owen (2007), “Grooves #1,”

^Hartford Owen (2009), “Grooves #2,”

^Hartford, Owen (2007), “Latin Sketches,”

^Hartford, Owen (2011), “Neponset Valley Suite,”

Hartford, Owen (2000), “Overture to the Frog Prince,”

*Hartford, Owen (1995), “Rondo Bacchanal,”

Hartford, Owen (2014), “Solace,”

^Hartford, Owen (2013), “Sunday Headlines,”

Hartford, Owen (1999), “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Samba,”

Hartford, Owen (2013), “Urban Sketches,”

Kendrick, Eva (2006), “Country Fields,”

Kolb, Barbara (2003), “Aubade,” published by Boosey & Hawkes, available for rental,

Macadam-Somer, Eden (2010), “Homeward Bound,”

*Martel, Robert (1993), “Evening Sky,” contact

Martel, Robert (2001), “Icarus Ascending,” contact

Martel, Robert (1996), “Music for a Summer Evening,” contact

*Martel, Robert (1994), “Sky Colored Lake,” contact

Martel, Robert (1999), “Wrung from the Silence,” contact

*Nix, Michael (1994), “Three American Folk Songs,” Note: The “Hush-a-bye” movement was published (score, parts) in the September 1998 issue of Mandolin Quarterly.

Nix, Michael (2013), “Prayer (for the Victims of Terror),

^Stopler, Emiel (2009), “The City Awakens,”

Trester, Francine (2007), “Three Movements for Mandolin Orchestra,” commissioned by Robert Margo,

^Wallace, Frank (2012), “Nocturne,” This piece was jointly commissioned by Das JugendZupfOrchester des Landes NRW (Germany) and by Robert Margo for the PMO; the PMO gave the American premiere.

Watters, August (2013), “The Color Theory,”

Although commissioning new music for mandolin ensemble is a necessary condition to develop the repertoire it is not sufficient: music directors also need to actively seek out and perform contemporary works written for ensembles other than their own.   The PMO has long done this; the following are a list of such works in the PMO repertoire, the majority of which received their first American performance by the ensemble.  There are 50 works listed; the year of first performance by the PMO is shown, along with publisher/contact/order information for obtaining scores and parts.  As above, a “* indicates that the work has been recorded by the PMO, and a “^” indicates that a video by the PMO is available on  Again, please note that the PMO cannot provide scores or parts; these must be obtained directly from the contact information provided.

Contemporary Works Written for Other Ensembles Performed by the Providence Mandolin Orchestra, 1992- present

Acquavella, Chris (2012), “Yutuma,” arrangement for solo mandolin and mandolin ensemble,

Ambrosius, Hermann (1997), “Suite No. 6,”

Angulo, Eduardo (1995), “Suite Mexicana,”

Antonelli, Steve (2012), “An Ending,” contact

Audain, Yvette (2008), “Three Auckland Nocturnes (for plectrum orchestra),”

*Barroso-Plaza, Jose Luis (2002), “Concierto de Media Luna,” published by Musicplec, C.B. – Edicions Musicals, contact

Beath, Betty (2008), “Although I travel far … I do not forget,”

^Beath, Betty (2008), “Lament for Kosovo,”

Carr-Boyd, Ann (2000), “Fandango,”

Carr-Boyd, Ann (2000), “Music for an Imaginary Italian Film,”

^Charlton, Richard (2010), “A Day at the Circus,”

Charlton, Richard (2012), “Dances for the Mandolin and the Moon,”

Dearinger, Jeff (2001), “The Kansas Tango,”

DeWalt, Philip (2015), “Music for a Deserted City,”

DeWalt, Philip (2015), “Small Shoes,”

^Gal, Hans (2005), “Capriccio,”

^Ginnaeo, Luis (2008), “Cinco Piezas,” arrangement for mandolin ensemble by John Craton,

Goodin, John (2011), “Last Call at Hawley-Cooke,”

Goodin, John (2013), “Off to Minnesota,”

*Graybill, Bruce (1998), “The Walnut Valley Suite,”

Gusenheimer, Gustav (1992), “Concertino,”

Kellaris, James (2013), “Chrysopylae Reflections,”

Kellaris, James (2014), “Kalamazoo Suite”

Kioulaphides, Victor (2006), “Concerto per orchestra a pizzico,”

^Kioulaphides, Victor (2011), “Sinfonia a Pizzico,”

Kioulaphides, Victor (2009), “Hues of Dusk” (version for mandolin ensemble),

Kreidler, Dieter (1994), “Rumba,”

^Kruisbrink, Annette (2008), “Dreamtime,”

*Kuwahara, Yasuo (2004), “Song of Japanese Autumn,”

Lalor, Stephen (2010), “East-West,”

Lalor, Stephen (2015), “Australis Suite,”

Linkins, Mark (2015), “Sycamore,”

Linkins, Mark (2015), “Variations on an Ancient Irish Theme,”

*^Mandonico, Claudio (2001), “Music for Play,”

Nagaoka, Katsumi (2011), “Yume,”

Netsky, Hankus (2000), “Chagall’s Mandolin,” version for solo mandolin and mandolin ensemble,

Naslund, Olof (2008), “Tankeplatsen/Denkplatz,” published by Grenzland-Verlag (ZO 171),

Pakenham, Eileen (2005), “Reverie,” contact Mark Davis (

Pallioti, Antonello (2011), “Variazioni sul basso di Tarantella,”

Peterson, John (2009), “Illawara Dances,”

^Schulz, Robert (2008), “A Lament for the Death of Polite Language,”

Schulz, Robert (2008), “Five English Dances,”

Schulz, Robert (2009), “Variations on Kemp’s Jig,”

Schwaen, Kurt (2001), “Tanzstuck,”

Stark, Arno (2012), “Concerto in B Minor for Mandolin and Mandolin Orchestra,”

Szeto, Caroline (2008), “Stringing,”

Thiergärtner, Jüregn (2014), “Herbstimpressionen,” contact for information

Wallace, Frank (2013), “New England Quintets,”

*Wolki, Konrad (2003), “Lieder ohne Worte,”

Wolki, Konrad (2001), “Tafelmusik,”

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